Saturday, August 22, 2009

RetroGen Released & My Dreamcast Collection Expands

After a number of small delays, the RetroGen has (supposedly) stripped itself of "pre-order" status and is available! While I have yet to order one, I plan to by December and will post an exhaustive review here at the NJY. If you have ordered one, tried one or have an opinion then leave a comment below!

In other news, my Dreamcast collection has expanded. I thought I'd do a followup to my collection post from two months back. It's pretty amazing how quickly one can build their collection! I remember reading that James Rolfe (the Angry Video Game Nerd) went from a modest NES collection to nearly the whole library in just a few years! While I'm not aiming for a complete Dreamcast library, there are roughly 40 more titles that I have my eyes on. Hell, I might even get one dating sim to say I have one.

Not to shabby for two months of moderate collecting! The Racketboy forums were a great resource for finding Segagaga, the Gameshark, Aerowings, Air Force Delta, Tomb Raider, memory card, fight controller and my third Dreamcast. All made up two bundles which, when combined, was a cool $60. The other games were ebay finds and VideoGamesNewYork purchases. In all the other titles probably cost a little under $100. $160 total, $80 a month. I'm secure with telling you all that.

I've also bought a narrow shelf for my games.

That is nearly all of my Dreamcast games, minus a handful of titles still at my parents house. There are about double the amount of PS2 and XBOX titles, loose discs are in the blue portfolio below and the cases are, once again, at my parents house. Above are a few of my Sonic toys and empty shelves reserved for Saturn, SEGA CD and Genesis games. Pay no attention to the Complete Faces of Death DVD in the corner. It was $5.

While I'm in the show-and-tell mood, let's take a look at the new television, an HDTV to be exact! 42" Panasonic with the 360 displayed in HDMI, the Dreamcast in VGA converted to HDMI and the is PS2 unplugged as its on its deathbed. This setup is just what I needed to carry out my "Dreamcast Labs" videos (coming Winter 2009).

In the guest room is our old TV, a 20" Sony WEGA with the XBOX via component, the Japanese Dreamcast via s-video and the good ol' VCR.

Thats the collection for now. Expect an huge SEGA collection post in the future, to be found on SEGA Memories.


  1. Nice DC collection! And thanks for the heads up on the "Now Available" Retrogen. I'm going to check it out right away.

  2. Talked to Innex yesterday, it still hasn't come out yet unfortunately, but they did tell me that I should be receiving it around the 17th.

  3. Yeah, seems that both the GenMobile AND RetroGen have been moved to mid-September. Odd that both devices from different companies have had similar release dates and delays.

  4. nice dreamcast collection!
    be proud about it! The dreamcast is on of the best console of everytime ;)