Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sonic CD heading to mobile devices!

While a Sonic CD rerelease was leaked by Microsoft's Major Nelson earlier this week, the game has just been revealed to be releasing on iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices! What more, the game is said to have iOS exclusive features (Game Center achievements?) and sounds like it will feature the original soundtrack.

The trailer itself is quite interesting, as it directly ties Sonic 4 into Sonic CD by peppering in images of Metal Sonic (who appeared post-credits in Sonic 4) and stating "THIS HOLIDAY SEE HOW IT ALL STARTED". I'd assume they mean, play Sonic CD to see how the Metal Sonic rivalry began. Personally, I think SEGA realized that Sonic 4 Episode 2 was not going to be released in 2011, and to keep the idea alive they rereleased Sonic CD as a stand-in, making the 2012 Episode 2 wait less of an annoyance. Hey! If SEGA wants to delay Episode 3, and give us Chaotix, I'll be more than happy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Best VMU Games

Happy summer, all! Boy has it been a hot one. Thankfully, a majority of the places I spend my time are well air conditioned. I can't think of a proper segue from talking about the weather to Dreamcast VMUs, so I'll just start talking about the VMU. Check out my latest entry to my weekly series over at SEGAbits: The Weekly Five: The Best VMU Games. Where I list off my five favorite VMU games.

After all that typing about the VMU, I'm starting to get the itch for some Dreamcast gaming! With 9/9 coming up, I really should get into some more obscure titles that take advantage of the VMU. Perhaps I'll start playing a bit of Zombie Revenge to raise my own little zombie, or start fresh with a chao? Well, once I make my decision, I'll be sure to share my experiences here at the Nomad Junkyard. I think it's about time the VMU got a little love.