Thursday, July 18, 2013

I visit SEGA of America & After Burner Climax receives an update - stories are unrelated to each other

The SEGA Blog has announced that After Burner Climax for iOS and Google Play will be receiving a free update which will add a new playable plane as well as in-game cinematics. The plane, dubbed the X-47B, is desribed as being "the latest in stealth technology from Northrup Grumman". The in-game cinematics come from the arcade and console versions, which until now were lacking from the mobile versions. All-in-all a great update, which gives app owners a reason to replay the game again. And again.
In non-mobile related news, I FREAKIN' VISITED SEGA! I posted part 1 of a write up of my visit over at SEGAbits. Please check it out, part 2 is due early next week. I was able to check out the super cool lobby, which was packed with SEGA stuff, as well as meet the community managers and dig through a pile of SEGA rarities from their archives. Oh yeah... I also grabbed one of these.
I had to commemorate the trip somehow, didn't I?