Thursday, September 23, 2010

Arts & Crafts: Make your own Sonic 4 Genesis box!

Fool your friends, scare your local video game shop... It's the Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Genesis box paper craft thing! Okay, don't fool your friends and local game shop, you'd just come off as some sort of goofball. However, you can make it for your own amusement. Here's what you'll need:
  • The files, available here
  • A plastic Genesis or Mega Drive case and game cartridge, I used a like-new copy of Death Duel 
  • Two 8.5"x11" sheets of printer paper
  • One 8.5"x14" sheet of printer paper, or whatever can fit a 7"x11" image
  • Tape, plain or double sided
Print the cartridge sticker and instruction manual on the 8.5"x11" pieces of paper, cut on the edge. Fold the manual in half and place a piece of tape inside to keep it shut. Use double sided tape or loops of regular tape to stick the sticker to the cartridge. Print the cover on the larger piece of paper, trim and place in the Genesis box, place the cartridge and manual inside the box. Do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself about. That's what it's all about!

Next week: Make your own Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Game Gear box!


Okay, maybe not.

Friday, September 10, 2010

iPod Gets Chu Chu Rocket and More!

At the rate that the iPod is getting SEGA classics, I should just rename this blog The iPod Junkyard! No no, I couldn't do that to the Nomad. I still love it dearly. However, just look at the lineup of games that SEGA revealed yesterday on 9/9: Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes and Chu Chu Rocket! What more, SEGA also teased that should fans want Shining Force 2 on the iPod, it's best they request it on their official Facebook page.

While Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes will probably be nothing more than emulated Genesis games, Chu Chu Rocket definitly will be an original creation for the iPod. Later that same day, SEGA revealed via twitter that Chu Chu Rocket will have all of the Dreamcast levels, multiplayer for up to 4 devices via Bluetooth/WiFi, and the iPad version will have 4 player multiplayer on same device. No word on other features, but I assume anything that was possibile on the Game Boy Advance version will also be on the iPod version.

So the mice are back! Hooray!

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Eleven Hour Dreamcast Party

Last year I held a Dreamcast birthday party which streamed live online. As the Dreamcast was turning ten, I held the party for ten hours. This year, I’m doing one better: one hour better! I’m excited to share “Dreamroom 2010: The Eleven Hour Dreamcast Party”! The official date and times are as follows:

September 9th, 2010
12am-11pm EST (US), 6pm-5am GMT (UK)

Last year was a blast, and I’m sure this year will be just as fun. For those who missed last year’s Dreamroom, essentially it will be ten hours of Dreamcast gaming streamed live online with live chat. The first half will be me going solo playing Dreamcast games. During the second half the IRL party kicks off with whoever I invited showing up for multiplayer games and the occasional visit to Seaman.

Games will be played from my library, and requests are welcomed! Expect to see some of the best, worst and delightfully oddest Dreamcast games. Of course a Dreamcast birthday party isn’t a birthday party without the guests, so I hope to see everyone (virtually) there!