Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Nomad Junkyard may be abandoned...

... but you can still find me at SEGAbits!

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that my moving up the ladder at SEGAbits meant abandoning The Nomad Junkyard. While I will likely not be posting much if anything new here from now on (if I do it will have to be a REALLY cool Nomad related thing), I will still be keeping the site up.

I hate when people pull their content from the internet, never archiving it. Even worse is when they have access to the content, but are reposting it as "from the vault" or as a Tumblr. The Nomad Junkyard may be a crappy blog, but dammit it was where I got my start and made all the connections that lead to some really awesome stuff! I visited SEGA of America HQ (which will be moving this summer), I spoke to several talented SEGA staff from both past and present, and I even got a few freebies out of it. What, I'm allowed freebies, it's not like I get paid to run fan sites.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, feel free to browse past content, and head on over to SEGAbits for new stuff!