Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SEGA Celebrates Halloween via an App Store Sale!

SEGA's getting into the Halloween sprit by way of an app store sale! Okay, so it really isn't Halloween related, though the port of Virtua FIghter 2 is pretty scary. The prices are great, with Brick People and ChuChu Rocket! being the standout titles. Check out the list below:
In other handheld news, Sonic Generations for the 3DS has been given a date: November 22nd! You'll note I don't mention the 3DS too often on this blog, as I don't own one. However, with the releases of Shinobi and Sonic Generations, I may just take the plunge and get my hands on a 3DS. I have yet to play any DS titles, and really would like to try the Rush titles and Colors DS. I've also developed a Phoenix Wright obsession thanks to the iPod Touch port of the first game. Since Capcom have yet to confirm more Wright titles for the iOS, I might as well get a 3DS so I can enjoy all the titles as well as new releases.

[Source: Touch Arcade]