Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brick People Out Now for iOS!

If only it supported iOS 3.0...

SEGA Blog has announced the release of Brick People, an iOS version of the Japanese arcade title which used real blocks and a large video screen to create the illusion of tiny people climbing on the real blocks. SEGA Blog describes the game:
Build brick steps and structures to help the hungry Brick People reach a collection of delicious snacks. The fun-loving Brick People have varied abilities that can help you complete missions, but be careful as the Brick Monster will create obstacles and throw them in the path of these tasty treats! Aside from utilising the iOS’s multi-touch interface to enable quick brick stacking, BrickPeople will allow players to race against each other to become the best bricklayer. Use Bluetooth to compete against friends in multiplayer matchups, or use an iPad to compete head-to-head on a single device. Players can also compete with others around the world when posting high scores on the Game Center leaderboards.
I would love to try the game out! Unfortunately, it does not support older devices. Only iOS 4.0 and above, which is pretty lame. I can play Sonic 4, Chu Chu Rocket and All-Star Racing on my first gen iPod Touch, and yet a simple game featuring little people climbing on bricks is too much for my device to handle. However, if you have a current gen iOS device, check the title out! It's at the low price of 99 cents!

[Source: SEGA Blog]