Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dreamcast Anniversary Events Roundup

With the 10th anniversary of our beloved little white box approaching, SEGA fan sites across the interwebs are planning various events to celebrate 9-9-09. A variety of happenings are occurring, including polls, videos, articles, steaming webcams and real live parties! Let's see whats going on, shall we?

The Nomad Junkyard presents: Dreamroom

Dreamroom is a Dreamcast party that I'm holding at my house. While not open to the public, I will be streaming the event live via! The broadcast start time is still TBA, but I can confirm that there will be two to three Dreamcasts running on separate monitors and games will be drawn from my collection of 80+ games. Expect to see old classics as well as rarities like Cool Cool Toon, Segagaga and Tokyo Busguide. Drinks, friends and (most importantly) good games! Hope to see you there virtually!

The Dreamcast User Top 100 Poll

Gagaman(n) of the Dreamcast Junkyard describes it best:
Open for one month, this poll gives you the choice of over 380 games released on the console (yes, even the really rubbish ones). You can pick as many or as few as you like, and if you change your mind you can edit your choices as many times as you like, too. When the poll is over all the votes will be counted and a special Top 100 article will be made. Just for the fun of it we'll list the bottom 20 as well, and if people demand it we'll release a list of the entire top 380-something.
Check out the poll's 10th Anniversary Party

Panta decribes the event:
It is almost here! 10 years of Dreamcast gaming! We have heard lots of rumblings of gaming marathons and Dreamcast celebrations across the internet. We have finally gotten our acts together and think we are ready to start talking 09.09.09. I HAVE A DREAMCAST should be streaming a lot during 09.09.09. But will we not be gaming all of the time, we'll have a number of activities streaming throughout the day. We'll have a schedule soon. However, our big event will take place in the evening. The entire I Have a Dreamcast crew will be at The Go Bar! in Athens, Ga. It will be a party like no other! There will be performances by the Dreamcast bands, we'll have at least 4 gaming stations set up (one or two will be projected on the walls of the club), we'll have cake, special t-shirts made for the event, and copies of the Dreamcast EP. The event will be FREE and open to the public. We are doing our best to get all fans of the Dreamcast in the Athens/Atlanta region to attend and, hell if you live within 500 miles of Athens, Ga you owe it to yourself to be here! After all, it only happens once a year!
Here's hoping the event is taped or streamed, sounds fun! Check out more info here

Stay tuned for updates on all these events on their respective websites. Only 21 days to go!


  1. Nice, I really want to go to Atlanta for the Dream Bar event.

  2. Yeah, our Athens, GA party should be streamed. We are checking the wi-fi status this weekend. Also, we'll be streaming a lot of wacky Dreamcast related events throughout the day... I'll have a roundup post up in a day or two and a bit more insight into the big day...

    Can't wait to see what happens in the Dreamroom!

  3. I presume you won't be streaming on 9.9.09 as well, I wont be able to watch both yours and ihaveadreamcasts's!

  4. I'll be streaming on 9-9, but I'll be on about 2.5 hours before the ihaveadreamcast party (starting around 6:30pm). So consider mine the pre-show :)

  5. This is all in American time isn't it? darn that's gonna be a late night for me! Fair dos, I'll most likely be watching them while hurrying to finish the top 100 videos. :)

  6. ah yes! I failed to give the Brit time! So my feed should start at 12am. I'll try to start with something scary to suit the midnight hours, muahahaha!