Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Dreamcast Collection - Photo Edition

While I'm holding off on showing my entire SEGA collection until the completion of the Fortress of SEGAtude aka our computer/video game/guest room (finishing this October), now is a good time as ever to show the Dreamcast portion.
The Dreamcast makes up a bulk of my SEGA collection, with a third of the Dreamcast finds made this year. I'd like to thank the Dreamcast Junkyard and especially the Gagaman in highlighting many obscure games and accessories. Enough chatter, this article is about the goods!

The smoke-colored system seen below was what my first Dreamcast looked like, before it "blew up" in a power surge during a late night Phantasy Star Online session. I found this photo online as my dead system is "buried" in my parent's storage room. Someday I hope to stick some working innards in the smoke shell again.

Moving on the Japanese games, you can see many- OLIVE, MOVE!!!!

Sorry about the cat.
I also have a small amount of games, accessories, Official Dreamcast Magazines (issues 3-12) and demo discs in storage back at my parents house, as shown below.

The last piece is the newest addition to the collection, the Dreamcast EP from our friends at! $5 gets you the full EP, complete with exclusive tracks, plus an album from one of the many bands who contributed. It's $5 well spent, so get over to their site now and show your love.

edit: I had to mention, in a moment of boredom I calculated the average review scores of my entire collection. It equaled 8.3/10! Just goes to show how much of a quality library the Dreamcast has.

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