Thursday, June 18, 2009

SEGA Nomad Model 2 - An Evaluation

Back at E3 a hardware developer named INNEX Inc. previewed a collection of Genesis/Mega Drive machines. One device was very close to (if not the same) as the Blaze or Tectoy pre-loaded portable Genesis, containing 20 games and requiring AAA batteries. Nothing too exciting, as we've seen this many times already.

Their second offering was touted as the Genesis Model 4 and is offically licensed by SEGA. The Model 4 features little in terms of aesthetic, resembling a black doorstop and quite frankly I think you'd be better off with a Model 3 if you're looking for a small inexpensive Genesis system. In an interview with Joey Ngoy, VP of INNEX, the Model 4 is supposed to support a cartridge that they had developed to hold an SD card that could play downloaded games. While an impressive idea, Joey seemed a bit out of touch with his product as he also claimed that the Genesis was 32-bit, that the Model 4 would play 64-bit games, said he loved the Mario Bros. while Sonic zipped around behind him (blasphemy) and thought E3 was: *shrugs shoulders* "alright."

Innex's third offering what was what caught my attention; Joey introduced the RetroGen, a portable Genesis/Mega Drive with the ability to play cartidges! Say it ain't so Joey! The RetroGen was shown to have a built-in rechargable battery, a TV out port and the ability to play Innex's SD card cartridge. Unfortunatly, there is no second controller port (score one for the Nomad) and the controls look like crap. Hopefully this is just an early model.

Our boy the Nomad even got a mention! The N'Sync-reject interviewer stated that the RetroGen is for "all those guys out there out there who missed out on the Nomad, because the Nomad is expensive still and very hard to find." While I'd disagree, as the Nomad is still quite easy to find on ebay and is often combined with a load of accessories and games for nominal prices, it's nice to know that gamers are still aware of the Nomad.

The RetroGen retails for $59.99 and is due for release July 25th, 2009. Currently it is only available for pre-order on the VideoGamesCentral website (who also held the advertisement- I mean interview).

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  1. Yeah, alright for you guys in America, but here in the UK it's down right impossible to get a Nomad. I'm a bit of a sucker for the idea of a new handheld that can play the old carts, so count me in. I found another video of the TV one and the sound sounded a bit crappy but it wouldn't really matter so much on a handheld really.