Friday, June 12, 2009

"Talking Classics" Talks the Nomad

It seems that EVERY video game video commentator has the need to talk about the Nomad, maybe more know about the upcoming 15th anniversary than I was led to believe. The latest is from Stuttering Craig aka Keith Apicary of ScrewAttack, which is much less a review than a knock on older single men who do nothing but play video games. As I'm none of the above, I found it pretty funny. The best bit is Keith's attempt at carrying a Nomad in his pocket. We've all tried it and it just doesn't work.


  1. Haha yeah I've seen this, the guy that made it posted about it over at racketboy and is actually a collector, so in a way he's playfully taking the piss out of himself. :}

  2. I love the video in which he loses phone reception while driving through a tunnel in that Namco racer. lol
    Sadly, I knew a few guys like this. One guy I knew insisted that my copy of "Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball" wasn't supposed to be sold to me as all copies were being recalled. He believed that I would be expected to mail the game back to Tecmo or face legal penalties. yikes