Friday, June 5, 2009

Sonic Unleashed Mobile Screens Released has released images of Gameloft's upcoming Sonic Unleashed for the mobile platform. Sega's partnership with Gameloft had been posted here less than a month ago, and already we're getting screens! Talk about fast programming. Refreshingly, Sonic Unleashed resembles the 2D scrolling Sonic we all know and love, in an art style reminiscent of the Advance series. So far the Chun-nan day and Apotos day and night levels have been revealed, with both Hedgehog and Werehog sprites fighting Eggman and an obscured Eggman robot. IGN reports that there will be 11 stages, with day and night levels as Act 1 and Act 2. That gives us 22 levels, pretty robust for a mobile release! The boost feature looks to be present as well.

While the game looks to be for mid-range cell phones, an iPhone version is not out of the question yet. Previous Gameloft games, including Terminator Salvation and Real Football 2009, have appeared in both low-end and high-end versions for cellular phones and the iPhone/iPod Touch platforms. My guess is that we will see iPhone screens soon, in a 2.5D look not unlike the Sonic Rush series. For now enjoy the screenshots!

UPDATE: Check out the game in action in the video below! Love that 16-bit rendition of the World Adventure theme. The video info states that this is an iPhone release.

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