Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gameloft to Develop Mobile Sega Games

As reported by Sega Nerds and Joystiq, Sega Europe has struck a deal with mobile game developer Gameloft to create Sega games for (you guessed it!) mobile phones! While Sega Nerds seemed neutral on the subject and Joystiq acted like pricks, we here at the Nomad Junkyard (all one of us) are excited to hear the news!

Sega itself has been very slow in developing for mobile devices; the iPhone itself has only two Sega games, one of which is a port of an older mobile game. Some extra help was needed, and with Gameloft charged to produce mobile Sega content we can be assured to see many more mobile Sega games at a much higher quality. Gameloft's latest efforts include Assassin’s Creed: Alta├»rs Chronicles, Hero of Sparta and Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes. All were highly priased in control, gameplay and graphics. Sonic Unleashed will be the first release under the partnership, and if it is anything like the other Gameloft games mentioned, then we're in for a potentially great game.

Gameloft: Please give us Jet Set Radio Mobile.

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