Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sega, Sonic, Art and Me - Part 2

Following up from part 1, I'm back to present more Sega influenced drawings from myself during my high school years (1999-2003). As written in part 1, Sega had a huge impact on my life. Not just in the gaming aspect, but in the professional aspect as well. Sega and Sonic influenced and excelled my drawing abilities, leading me to meet my friend Andy in high school. Andy introduced me to graphic design which led to 4 years in art school which led to me now working as a professional designer. Having said that, let's get to the drawings!

Jet Set Radio was the most influential Sega franchise to my drawings (outside of Sonic). Lets have a look at some of my favorites! click the images to view larger versions

Andy and myself had a shared fascination with Bisu:

A personal favorite, a spoof of the Phantasy Star Online art:

Another group drawing, this one made it into the 2002 high school arts magazine:

Drawings of Gum and Ulala by my friend Andy:

And finally two Sonic drawings by me, circa 2001 (I had come a long way since 1991!):

Comments are welcomed, expect new Sega art in celebration of the Dreamcast's big 10 come September!