Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Online Find - Sega Vision Hardware Review

The portable media player, Sega Vision, was one of the major "WOW!" moments of ATEI 2009. After its announcement, further news of the device was lost in the sea of more important gaming news. Of course, Sega's attitude toward the device didn't help. Sega firmly stated that this was no competition for the DS or PSP, and the only gaming offered would be simplistic Flash-based games. The major role of the device was to be a MP3, video and TV tuner with low end camcorder and photo capabilities. Worst of all, the Sega Vision was intended to be a prize grabber prize only; not to be sold in stores. With this information in mind, the only real reason to be excited for the Vision was that it was the first piece of Sega hardware to be released in ten years. That reason alone was enough for myself and many others to want one.

During the weeks after the announcement I searched ebay every so often to see if the Vision would turn up, but after weeks of nothing I gave up and forgot. Today, when thinking of portable Sega news, the Vision popped into my head leading me to find this "early" review. I say early as it was written in February, '09. It's well worth a read though, filled with some interesting bits (6 GB maximum storage space, indepth controls walkthrough) and a few videos of the device in action.

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  1. Yeah, I heard rumors that SEGA would bring the SEGA Vision to the US stores in 2010 but that remains to be seen. As for the games, don't get your hopes up. SEGA accounced that the Vision would only play downloaded flash games from the internet and that's it. That's pretty much a letdown for SEGA fans everywhere. It's too bad. If SEGA was going to make software games for the SEGA Vision I'd buy it. But since they're not going to make games for the Vision and only allow flash games, I'd have to avoid buying it.

    1. There being sold on eBay NOW - PAL versions