Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's Buy a SEGA Nomad!

With the upcoming release of the RetroGen, it will be much easier to find a mobile device that plays your Genesis carts on the go. But if you're one who likes to "keep it real" and enjoys "old school", you're going to want the SEGA Nomad. But whats the best way to go about buying a Nomad? What if you want to buy one right now? Well, in this new monthly feature I will hypothetically buy a Nomad... RIGHT NOW!

While ebay is always a great first spot to look, I enjoy Google's "shopping" tab (once called Froogle). While you usually turn up bogus shops or ebay itself, once in a while you'll hit a legitimate shop that has what you need for a great price (this is how I found Typing of the Dead for $7.99 at So we've typed in SEGA Nomad and turned up these results. Mostly ebay auctions for replacement screens and Genesis carts with "Nomad" in the product description. This is the number one problem in hunting for a Nomad: tricky e-tailers drop "Nomad" into almost any Genesis game cartridge or loose a/c adaptor. While technically correct, it really dilutes the search results for ACTUAL Nomad systems and gear.


Searching SEGA Nomad System or SEGA Nomad Unit yields better results, but still brings many AV cables and replacement screens. The most promising non-ebay link brings us to Player's Choice, which is selling a Nomad system for $134.99. If new in box, then this is a decent price, but the real question is how reputible the site is as a retailer. A quick search finds that the place is hit or miss, occasionaly listing an item as in stock even though they are out. I think we'd do better on ebay.

Let's ebay search SEGA Nomad System. 24 results show up, many of which are common AV cables. But scrolling down the list brings us to some Nomads! We hit a good day for ebay Nomad searching, as one seller is offering a slew of Nomad systems bundled with games. The least expensive lot is $89.95, plus $4 shipping (seen at the top of the image to the right). Included are four fairly common games and the system lacks an AC adaptor and battery pack. Despite not having power supplies, Nomad battery packs and power adaptors can be easily found online for reasonable prices. The most expensive Nomad bundles includes both power supplies, a second controller and the awesome Disney Lion King and Aladdin Genesis games. Totaling $136.95, it's a but steep but it's all there. This seller offers international shipping, but asks for an email to figure out the total. I'd wager $40 shipping internationally.

If I were Nomad-less, I'd be leaning towards "yes" on purchasing the Disney bundle. So we just hypothetically bought a Nomad, and speant $136.95! Was it too much, could we do better? Join us next month to find out when we play "Let's Buy a SEGA Nomad!"

Question for the comments section: How did you buy your Nomad?


  1. Shit dude I got a Nomad for $30 at a pawn shop.

    Screen is not in the best condition.

  2. I got a like new one back in 1997 for $40, with case.

    I've found they're increasingly hard to find in the pawn shop/used game store realm, bot are usually jacked up to $150.

  3. The Nomad was great, don't get me wrong, but no one is going to spend 130+ on it when they can spring for a Gamepark Wiz at 190 shipped and get so much more.

  4. I'd disagree. Many gamers would love to have a Nomad for a variety of reasons. For nostalgia, collectors value or simply because it's brand name SEGA. The Gamepark Wiz is awesome, but it can't play game cartridges. ;)

  5. Though if you straight up just want portable Genesis, then yeah, the Gamepark or RetroGen are more affordable.

  6. Barry, what are your thoughts on the new Retrogen Nomad Clone?

    I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  7. I think it looks to have a many pluses over the Nomad, but the lack of 2p controller port hinders it from beating the Nomad.

  8. scored mine today (in nearly mint condition) for the price of 5 bucks at a second hand store oh gotta love it

  9. For me, nothing beats playing it on original SEGA hardware :)