Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SEGA Asks What iPhone Users Want (Sonic CD, Please!)

SEGA wants the community's input on what new games we want?! Shenmue 3! A new Jet Set Radio! Oh, correction, SEGA is asking for the community's input on what game they'd like to see on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In this SEGA Blog post, requests are asked to follow two requirements: "First, it has to be a Sega game, meaning no other publisher’s titles, even if they did appear on our old systems (I know, I know, I want to see a Road Rash
sequel too). Second, we can’t accept original game ideas, we’re not looking for acquisitions for new titles in this brainstorming session. And that’s pretty much it, go to town and tell us what you want to see."

SEGA seems to be quite serious in their request, as they're accepting replies not only on the blog itself, but also on Twitter, on Facebook, and their forums.
The SEGA Twitter makes note that some are suggesting games already released for the iPhone (Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog), though I think these requests are for proper non-buggy versions. Personally, I'd like to see SEGA fix what they already have put out before adding even more buggy titles. I'd love to see the Phantasy Star games, but not running on the same emulator as Streets of Rage.

TouchArcade has an excellent idea, Sonic CD! And not just the game ported by SEGA, but rather by a man named Christian Whitehead. Whitehead has ceated a pitch-perfect port of
Sonic CD, featuring a consistant framerate of 60fps and an altered aspect ratio to fit the slightly wider iPhone screen. Hopes are high for SEGA to move ahead with this advanced port, and if the final release is anything like what Whitehead has now, it would make for an awesome port.

Source: TouchArcade, Sega Blog


  1. The fact that all evidence of this project that existed seems to have vanished, even the mention of it on Sega's twitter, intrigues me.

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