Saturday, July 25, 2009

'Golvellius' RPG Coming to iPhone

Yet another SEGA port has been announced for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but this time it's not ported by SEGA nor is it a Mega Drive game! DotEmu and D4 Enterprise have partnered to release the Master System RPG Golvellius: Valley of Doom. While I haven't played Golvellius myself, it looks to be a rather kick-ass Zelda-like RPG. What makes the game unique is that it features both an overhead view as well as side-scrolling platformer segments.

TouchArcade describes the game as "an expansive title that many gamers missed due to its limited platform coverage. Unlike Zelda, Golvellius is a rather linear, structured game consisting of seven distinct areas, where one must be completed before the next is unlocked. The hero of the game is the brave Kelesis, a fearsome warrior bent on slaying the evil denizens of the game world in an effort to rescue the lovely princess Rena. Aside from dispatching the standard baddies in every area, a dungeon boss must be defeated for each before the next area is unlocked."

Expect a full Nomad Junkyard review when Golvellius: Valley of Doom is released this August.

Source: TouchArcade

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