Thursday, July 23, 2009

SEGA Tchotchkes You Can't Live Without

Today is the day! San Diego Comic Con has begun, and the only real thing of the event that excited me was the Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Metal Sonic the Hedgehog. This little guy is not only available at the event, but can also be snatched up at the Toys R Us website for $15.99. From what I've read, they only ship within the United States and to Puerto Rico. Orders over $20 receive free shipping, but only a handful of items qualify for the free shipping discount.While there are a lot of inexpensive Transformer and G.I.Joe figures that could bump you over the $20 minimum, I recommend adding the Exclusive 5" Sonic the Warehog Figure. While the Warehog isn't the best sculpt, it's the only other SEGA item available and is also the cheapest figure on the list at $9.99. $27 for two exclusive figures isn't that bad of a deal, and they're quite unique decor for your SEGA shelf.

SEGA SOAP, not to be confused with SOAP Shoes.

Speaking of unique items, the awesome website Etsy has a nice selection of handmade SEGA-inspired items. For those not in the know, Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods from artists and craftsmakers. Not only can you buy, but you can place requests for whatever you can think of, and sellers will reply to your listing with price quotes. It can be like a reverse ebay at times, with sellers hoping to get the job and buyers haggling for the best price. One seller by the name of TheClayCollection has made Dreamcast controller earrings while another seller called DigitalSoaps has made Genesis controllers made out of soap. Prices are very reasonable and many sellers ship internationally. What better way to show her your love than with a pair of Dreamcast earrings? (VMU necklace not included)

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  1. Can someone buy that Metal Sonic for me and send it over to the UK? :)