Thursday, July 30, 2009

Metal Madness - SDCC Metal Sonic Review

You might know everything I'm going to do, but that's not going to help you, since I know everything you're going to do! Strange, isn't it?

The Tickle-Me-Elmo of 2009 has arrived! Introducing the Exclusive San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Vinyl Metal Sonic from Jazwares. Despite the "exclusive" label, this little guy is rather easy to find... within the United States at least. With 3,000 available at the San Diego Comic-Con and the remaining stock on sale while supplies last at, true Sonic fans really don't have an excuse not to get one. I bought mine online from Toys R Us, putting me back a mere $15.99. Shipping costs would have put the figure at a little over $20, so I added the exclusive Sonic the Werehog figure putting the total at $26. More about the Werehog later, let's take a look at Metal Sonic!

Let's start with the packaging. The thin matte cardstock used makes the package feel more like an early version printed inhouse for design review rather than a finished product. I definitly can not see this figure surviving a toy store aisle. Though, being an exclusive figure I probably shouldn't complain. This package was never meant for realworld retail, and it sure beats a plastic baggy or white cardboard box usually used for online exclusives. The back promises more figures in the series: Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and the Werehog. Despite loving the Metal Sonic figure, I wasn't too impressed with the look of these. Rather than following the classic designs, they look to be more in line with the Sonic X models. Who knows, maybe they'll turn out to look great.

I had planned to not opening the figure, as the box was covered in tape. But the shineyness of Metal was too much, so i risked tearing the box to shreads. Surprisingly, the tape comes off easily, leaving no tears or residues. After creating a wad of tape, I removed the figure. Oooh lordy is this thing smooth! And lightweight too, allowing for easy posing with no risk of the figure falling over.

The detail and simplicity of the figure's design are in perfect balance. The spikes and rear jet engine (which are clearly additions to the basic JUVI figure) are simple in design yet really contribute to the Metal Sonic "look". The metallic colors give an excellent robotic shine and give an inflated balloon look. In fact, the Sonic Stadium confused this for a blow up doll back when it was released. What dirty minds those Sonic fans have.

Articulation is what you'd expect from a vinyl toy: pivoting waist, arms move at the shoulders and head spins about. While not a lot of movement is possible, you can make some pretty cool poses (such as the villainous "You'll have to catch me first!" pose seen above). Overall it really is a great figure, with minimal problems. While the nose looks a little goofy turned upwards, it works when viewed from certain angles and doesn't detract from the figure at all. Final score:

As mentioned, I added a Werehog figure so that I could avoid shipping costs and spend a few more dollars for another figure. The Werehog is pretty cool, though his legs are the most fugged up action figure legs I've ever seen! Sonic can either have broken kneecaps or broken ankles, and a running pose is almost impossible. His heavy head doesn't help either. Within twenty seconds of opening the figure and putting him on the shelf, I wasn't to the door before I heard a clunk and turned around to find that.... well, let's let this little vignette show the aftermath:

Metal: So, I see Barry opened the cheap variation of Sonic and left the rare one mint in package.
Werehog: He opened me to try out my fourteen points of articulation! He left you in the box because you have four. HA! Four!
Metal: All that movement and you cant even open your hands? You're like a lobster with bands on its claws.
Werehog: One more crack out of you and I will tear off my arm and beat you with it!!!
Metal: Don't you mean "I will tear off your arm and beat you with it"?
Werehog: THATS IT! ROAR!!! QTE COMBO A, A, B, X, Y!!!

Werehog: Ouch.
Metal: Still gonna beat me with it?


  1. Nice, I think Metal Sonic may find a nice home on my shelf. Come here you little cute Metal homicidal Hedgehog!

  2. Right, I want one of these now. Shame the nose doesn't point out though, but that's a minor detail. Also, would you be up for joining Sega Memories? :)

  3. Sorry Coolinator, Gagaman's remark was directed at me. But you're still cool :)

  4. Oops, sorry! I should have mentioned who the comment was aimed at!

  5. Great! Now I'll never be in the cool club.....:(