Sunday, September 27, 2009

PlaySEGA Joypad Delayed

Earlier this month Sega announced a special offer for those who became members of PlaySEGA: an awesome USB Saturn-style controller. PlaySEGA offers a unique mobile gaming experience, allowing members to sign in to almost any computer to play games from a large library of Genesis games, PlaySEGA exclusive games and level creators. Toss your USB controller in your bag and you've got a Sega gaming experience at any computer you use! Pretty awesome.

Unfortunatly, Sega has sent out an email informing members of the status of their controllers, originally due in mid-October. The email read:

We regret to inform you that due to a manufacturer delay your PlaySEGA Joypad will now not be shipped until mid November. To thank you for your patience with this setback, we will be extending your membership with a complimentary 20 days free of charge.

Additionally, as we are offering a promotional offer to our SEGA Pass subscribers for PlaySEGA, we are also adding an extra 25 days to your account so you do not miss out. Your 45 days free membership will be amended on your account automatically. You will not need to do anything, we will move back your next due date payment for you.

While it stinks that the controller has been delayed for a month, Sega is awesome for extending the membership for 45 days. This makes a normal three month membership a four and a half month membership! More time for me to perfect my Sonic level creating skills.

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