Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Sega Nomad!

In October, 1995, the US retail chain Toys R Us unleashed the most amazing portable gaming system in the world: the Sega Nomad.

Okay, it wasn't the greatest gaming system ever. It had a poor battery life and was roughly the size of a Disney VHS case (you know, the puffy white plastic ones). Despite some downfalls, it was and still is an awesome portable. No other official portable can play original home console games, and even recent Nomad imitators fail to offer all the features of the Sega Nomad. No other portable Genesis has a control port for 2-player gaming.

In celebration of the Sega Nomad's 14th anniversary I will be providing a variety of Nomad related articles here at the 'yard. Expect top ten lists, memories, speculation and, most exciting of all, a Nomad hardware review! Yes, that's right, the stack of Sega games and consoles that I always talk about being at my parent's house will be coming to their true home in just a week.

Happy birthday, little guy!

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