Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Share Your Nomad

In a celebratory post at Racketboy I asked other members to share photos and memories of the Nomad. Let's see what they had to share, shall we?

Member Thierry Henry has an impressive two Nomads. I always loved that the Maximum Carnage cart was red, rare to see a Genesis cartridge in a color other than black. Thierry Henry had this to say: I've also got custom made carry cases for both, the only thing I still need is to get a battery pack for the unit to the left of the pic. It works fine off of the AC adapter but then that's not the point of a portable system.

Member aw93053 displayed his Nomad in a ray of sunshine, just as the Nomad is a ray of sunshine in all our lives.

I've got two Nomads that I've had since I was a kid, I freaking loved to play Bloodlines on airplanes. My brother and I got into an argument once and he threw one to the floor. Now I have one Nomad and one Nomad with a cracked screen.

Dakinggamer87 said: I just recently got a Sega Nomad earlier this year to add to my systems collection and it is a fun portable system. I played it years ago but never owned one till now. Happy 14th Anniversary Sega Nomad!!

I remember I had the official Nomad carry case. I have never seen one of those again. It had the Nomad logo stitched in the side and fit the system, battery pack and a few games.

I regrettably sold mine a few years back. Had some good times with it. In the final weeks of owning, I spent most of the time listening to all the BGM with headphones cause I felt the sound chip was so good and so clear.

, theres always more Nomads in the sea. Thanks for the memories and photos!

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  1. I wish Nomads weren't so bloody hard to get over here. On Ebay they tend to cost far too much.