Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SEGA Anniversaries Ahoy!

As 9-9-09 becomes a sweet memory, SEGA fans should not rest just yet. This year still holds three more noteworthy anniversaries:

October 14
The Dreamcast enjoys its 10th anniversary in Europe! The blue swirl will enjoy a spot of Twinnings as it blows out the candles.

October 15
The beloved Nomad turns 14 in October. While a specific date in October is difficult to find, as the Nomad was initially a Toys R Us exclusive, I thought I'd just throw a guess right down the middle.

November 22
The Saturn turns 15 as we celebrate the Japanese launch. As this is a special number, I decided to change up the Nomad Junkyard banner in celebration of the Saturn. Seagata Sanshiro!


  1. Would love to do a day of game streaming for the Dreamcast Euro launch if only I could get one of my cameras to work with justin tv.

  2. That would be awesome! I was able to get my DV camera to act as a webcam, maybe whatever device you use for your videos could be detected by's settings tab.