Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's Tap on the iPhone!

Why would Yuji Naka not put two and two together? He has Let's Tap on the Wii, and an iPhone division within Prope. Well thankfully Naka-san has put two and two together, and came up with Let's Tap for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

Unlike the Wii version, Let's Tap on the iPhone will be a series of games released as five individual apps for $3.99 each. This is a smart move from Prope, as rather than releasing a $10 to $15 title, they have allowed users to pick and choose what Let's Tap mini-games they wish to own. I personally plan to download Tap Runner (available now) and Bubble Voyager (coming October 9th). Other Let's Tap games include Gem Game (coming September 25th), Silent Blocks (coming October 2nd) and Rythem Tap (coming October 16th). Check out game descriptions and more videos at iPrope's website.

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