Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dreamroom Aftermath

It's 9-10-09! You know that that means? Dreamcast fans across the globe are tired and hungover. But the memories made were well worth it. My own celebration of the big 10, The Dreamroom, was a major success! Read all about it in my article at SEGA Memories.

Now that the Dreamcast celebrations have concluded, does that mean you'll see less of it here at the Nomad Junkyard? Possibly. I'll still be doing the occasional non-portable post, but will be shifting my focus more towards the Nomad and portable Genesis again. Who knows, once those friggin' Nomad clones see a release we might have a review of one here at the 'yard!

Hope everyone had a happy 9-9-09 and stay tuned to the Nomad Junkyard! Well, you can't really "tune" to a website, but you get what I mean.


  1. I had a great time yesterday and from what I saw (and have now read) you guys did too! I have a short update posted now and will have some (non-justintv) video soon.

    Also, I plan on checking out some of archived footage this weekend.

    Now that Dreamcast Day is behind us do we return to life as normal? If so, I have some Shenmue to play!?!

  2. Thanks for watching! Yeah, I had problems with the archive feature, as I kept overwriting the previous clips. Sadly the first power on and some Seaman footage was lost. HOWEVER Yukawa digging holes was saved. :D

    As our party ended, we decided that it wasn't over. There were a good few dozen games we had yet to get to! Part 2 to come... :) So no, Dreamcast day is not over. Now play Shenmue!