Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Genmobile Advert (it's still delayed)

While we're a week past the pre-order date of the RetroGen, it is still delayed. And as we enter mid-September, the GenMobile is still at a pre-order status of "early September". My thoughts: CONSPIRACY. While developed by different companies, I suspect that Innex and Hyperkin are in fact SEGA operating as a covert hardware manufacturer. Why else would both be simultaneously delayed?

While I work out anagrams for "Innex and Hyperkin", take a look at this fancy advert for the RetroGen which includes a list of the preloaded games and a look at the color variations:

I've got it! "Innex and Hyperkin" is an anagram for "Die Prank Hex Ninny"!
Die = The (in German), Prank = practical joke, Hex = curse, Ninny = Nintendo.

"The practical joke curses Nintendo."

Folks, it's SEGA covertly making hardware to bring down Nintendo! I knew it.

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