Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sega Saturn's Pandemonium! Hits the iPhone

While not an in-house Sega title, the Crystal Dynamics developed Pandemonium! was one of the few must have Sega Saturn platformers. Playing like a cross between Klonoa and NiGHTS, you control a jester named Fargus or a sorceress named Nikki who must stop a beast that they themselves had unleashed on their kingdom. The game plays on a 2.5D plane (like Klonoa) and, as mentioned, features a jester (like NiGHTS).

While Pandemonium! has gone mobile on the N-Gage back in 2003, the iPhone release differs in that many people actually own an iPhone or iPod Touch. There are two reasons to be excited for the release of Pandemonium! to the iPhone; we have a Saturn classic to play on the go, and if the game is successful we can be assured that more Saturn games will hit the platform. If the iPhone can handle Pandemonium!, then why not other Crystal Dynamics games like Gex or even Sega developed Saturn games like NiGHTS into Dreams, Burning Rangers or Panzer Dragoon?

sells for $4.99 at the Apple App Store [buy now]
Wile your at the app store I also recommend checking out Glyder, a free flight game in which you glide about and collect gems. The graphics have a very Sega Saturn vibe and the gameplay is akin to a real chilled out NiGHTS on a 3D plane and minus enemies.


  1. It even has the dated CGI cut scenes intact! I really don't like how Iphone games need to have buttons on the touch pad covering up the game screen, though.

  2. Yeah, I've played the first half of the game and so far it's really fun, but my fat stupid thumbs get in the way of enemies at times. If anything, they could have pushed the buttons closer to the corners, as there is quite a bit of empty "viewing" space between buttons. Hopefully an update will allow for resizable controls.

    And yes, the dates CG scenes RULE. :D