Monday, April 20, 2009

The Nomad Junkyard's Mission and 2009 Goals

As The Nomad Junkyard nears its sixth month in operation, I feel that it's time to reestablish the mission of this blog. The past posts have given me a much clearer idea of what this place is all about, and so I thought I'd lay it out for you the reader.
  • The Nomad Junkyard's foremost goal is to provide news and stories concerning Sega's portable Genesis the Nomad.
  • When Nomad news cannot be found, stories will focus on portable Genesis/Mega Drive news including third party hardware, hacks, mods and ports (such as the upcoming iPhone "Sonic the Hedgehog" port).
  • The Nomad Junkyard will also dip into other systems and their portable offerings, as seen in the article below, and will occasionally bring portable hardware and portable game reviews.
  • As 9-9-09 is approaching, I will be posting a good deal of personal Dreamcast articles in anticipation of the console's 10th anniversary. These could include ebay scores, past memories or my own fan art (I have an awesome collection of Jet Set Radio drawings from high school). I'll make up a cute little logo to help distinguish these articles from the typical Nomad and Portable news.
  • October 2009 brings us the Nomad's 14th anniversary! Stay tuned for special plans to commemorate this month. Even BIGGER plans are in store for October 2010!

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