Friday, April 10, 2009

NNN: I Have a Dreamcast Remastered EP

Not Nomad News
Because I both love the album and want to be cool like the other Sega blog's, I thought I'd make a shout out to the I Have a Dreamcast Remastered EP. If you haven't downloaded it by now, DO SO! Learn more of the album at

I've taken it upon myself to create an album cover as I hate looking at that boring default music note image in iTunes.

Download the digital version
Download the print version


  1. Awh man, the website is down :(

    1. Yeah, shame to see they died. Their original 9/9/09 marathon, where the album originated, was the reason I got into SEGA blogging.

      Thankfully, I've just uploaded the files to rapidshare. Give them a download here if you haven't:

  2. Lost the old file, and the link is down again :( is there any chance you could upload the files again? It would mean a lot! :)