Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Brief Reminder: is not dead!

For those trying to access only to reach an advert for their web host, you can find a way around this by going to

As Panta mentions, everything is up and running except for the direct link to the site. He also mentions that info on the tangible CD will be up by the weekend. If you haven't downloaded the free EP of Dreamcast influenced tunes, do so NOW by clicking here! The digital album art was designed by yours truly and is included in the download. My choice track would have to be Curious Console.

Super Magnetic Neo Update:
I've finally captured my white whale! As mentioned in this post, I made my third purchase of Super Magnetic Neo for the Dreamcast and thankfully the third time was the charm. The disc plays with no hiccups. Now the only problem I have to deal with is mastering this insanely difficult platformer. Damn bottomless pits.

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