Friday, February 10, 2012

Say "I Love You" With the Gift of a SEGA App

From 2/11 through to 2/14, SEGA will be having a Valentine's Day sale on a ton of iOS and Android apps. Given how often they hold sales, a majority of fans already have these apps. Still, the prices are great, especially for games like Super Monkey Ball 2 and Sonic CD. Check out the full list over at SEGA's blog!

In other news, things have been pretty busy over at SEGAbits. Aside from the usual articles and features, the podcast has returned and I was up last night recording another episode with SEGAbits heads George and Sharky. The show should be up later today and is worth a listen, despite it being a rather try news week. We still found stuff to talk about. Perhaps the oddest bit is when we create a new superhero.