Tuesday, January 10, 2012

News from the Future: Sonic 4 Episode 3 Logo Revealed

Sonic 4 Episode 2's logo reveal is old news. Via a time hole, I was able to jump ahead to 2013 when SEGA revealed the Sonic 4 Episode 3 logo. It looks alright, pretty much what I expected. Looks like Knuckles will be playable, which isn't too big a surprise. In other news, this time taking place in the present, I finally have the ability to make videos in HD! So to test out our new camera (yes, it is the family camera, as it was bought with wedding money) I made a short tour of my Sonic shelves. I do have more Sonic stuff, but it's either boxed or in book form, which isn't as fun to show off. I do plan to show off my Sonic kid's books in the near future, as well as some Japanese SEGA books. In the meantime, enjoy the video:

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