Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Introducing the SEGA Fusion!

It's 2012, and SEGA is BACK in the hardware race! Okay, not really. But this is still pretty awesome. A crazy SEGA fan has crammed a SEGA CD, 32X and Genesis into a Saturn shell and dubbed it the "SEGA Fusion". Check out the video above in which he shows off the innards, and plays some games on it. At the moment, he is not accepting requests to build more of them, but never say never.


  1. I am doing the same thing but with some improvements. It will have 3 cart slots connected to the 32X for the original cart slot in the back of the Saturn case for original games, second slot for the still unreleased Mega Everdrive flash cart, and a backup RAM cart for the CD. They will be controlled by disabling power to the unused cart slots to prevent data mix-up. I hope this will work. Been in contact with the creator of the Fusion and still waiting on his reply if my idea will work or not. He may be hacking up a Genesis to test out my idea. Who knows what he is doing at the moment.

  2. This is actually pretty awesome! Epic!

    My only question is...does it also requires 3 big power supplies???

  3. @ Eyz,
    No just one :) It's a laptop power supply adapter that outputs 10-12VDC, 3Amps.
    Power cord is just like the Dreamcast (no wall wart).
    Thanks for the kind words!