Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sonic Triple Trouble Coming the the 3DS in March

While I don't get the hoopla over Game Gear games coming to the 3DS, Sonic Triple Trouble fans should be happy to hear that the game will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS in March.  Shinobi and Dragon Crystal are two other Game Gear games set to release alongside Triple Trouble on March 14th in Japan. The games are said to also release in Europe and America in mid-March.

It's great to see Game Gear games rereleased to modern day consoles, but given the file size and game length of these oldies (but goodies!) I wonder why SEGA doesn't just release a Game Gear Collection or release a load of games at once to buy. Staggering the release of a few titles isn't as epic as, say, releasing fifty games in one go. Price them individually or as a massive bundle.

[Source: ONM]

In other news, yes I know MegaUpload is down and with its death went my custom Genesis cart designs of Sonic 4 and Sonic Generations. I have the original files and will fix the links as soon as I can.

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