Sunday, March 21, 2010

Super 32X 15th Anniversary Album

As no other Junkyard blog covers the 32X, I thought I'd take it under my wing and occasionaly post about it here. When you think about it, the Nomad Junkyard is the perfect fit for the 32X; both the Nomad and the 32X were made primarily for the North American market and both sold poorly.

It looks as though Sega has not completely forgotten about the little mushroom (or Genesis tumor as some see it as), as Sega and Wave Master will be releasing an album to celebrate the 32X's 15th birthday. The 3 disc set will include tunes from Space Harrier, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing Deluxe, code Pallas and Metal Head. You can view the full track listing and more details here. Like the 32X, the album will cost a pretty penny: $40 retail in Japan and probably much much more as an import.

Now where is the Nomad's birthday album?


  1. Wouldn't a Nomad album technically be a genesis album lol? Weird that this soundtrack has no Chaotix music on it, considering a) the music in that game was good and 2) it was one of the few games anyone even wanted on it. :P

  2. Ha! Yeah. A Nomad album would technically be a blank CD-R. Kolibri would have also been a great choice! The smooth synth sounds of killer hummingbirds.