Friday, March 26, 2010

Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection Canned

And Sega is reevaluating their iPhone strategy. has the full story:

Announced as a free app from which you could download classic games like
Sonic The Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, and Golden Axe, Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection has been slated for release before the end of February. Well, February came and went without the game appearing on the store, let alone any word from Sega. Despite enthusiasm for the concept, Sega has decided to pull the plug on the in-app purchase anthology. The decision had less to do with the actual game and more with general struggles the company wants to remedy in its general iPhone and iPod touch gaming strategy. In short, Sega is completely re-evaluating its approach to iPhone games, and this just wasn't a part of that picture. Before the tears start to roll, this is actually great news. Kudos to Sega for making quality a priority and working to deliver better games to the iPhone community. I know I speak for a lot of us in saying that I'd love to see well-made Sega games hit the device.

In my opinion this is good news. Sega has, for the most part, done very well with their iPhone releases such as the solid Super Monkey Ball 2 and the feature-packed Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games. However, the Genesis ports were dodgy and did need a reworking. Perhaps the rumored Sonic 4 iPhone release led Sega to rethink placing a killer app beside dodgy ports of Sonic 1-3.

Of course, Genesis gaming on-the-go is not dead due to this announcement, remember we'll always have the Nomad!

Get it? 'Cuz the Nomad is like the God of mobile gaming?

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