Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Game Boy Advance SP Enters the 'Yard

While out shopping today, I stopped into the local game store to see what dented up, sticker covered used games I could find. While I usually stick to the PS2 and Xbox sections, I was drawn to the Game Boy Advance shelf. I've always considered buying a Game Boy Advance, especially when Sega went third party and released a slew of Sonic games for the system. But due to college and my already rather large Sega console collection, the Game Boy Advance took a back seat.

Well lucky me! Today Segata was looking kindly upon me, for behind the glass of the Game Boy Advance case was a copy of Jet Grind Radio for the low low price of $2.99. Just above JGR was Chu Chu Rocket for $3.99 and just above that was a sign advertising used GBA SP systems for $20. Well, I'd have to be a cold hearted Sega fan to not rescue the GG's and the Chu Chu's! So $30 later I left with a Nintendo system in hand and two Dreamcast classics in portable form.

Now that I have a GBA, this opens up a whole new world of portable Sega goodness! I already have Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Pinball Party, Pinball of the Dead, Sonic Battle and Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack on my "to get" list. Of course, I guess I have to get at least one Mario game. I hear he's alright.

Any GBA recommendations? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Capcom Classics collection is pretty much what stays in my GBA along with nearly any Yu-Gi-Oh game. I would definitely recommend Capcom Classics though, the one with Bionic Commando in it.

  2. On SEGA side be sure not to miss Gunstar Super Heroes and Astro Boy! Two great SEGA masterpieces!

    Otherside: Rhythm Tengoku, Boktai and Wario Ware Twisted.

    * Astro Boy must be played in an understandable language to be completely finished.

  3. I just traded the SP in for a back-lit model (I'm still within the 30 day trade-in period) and bought a wood grain skin, to give it that retro vibe.

  4. Astro Boy is awesome. I recommend the SEGA Arcade Gallery. Really well put together collection.

    I've gone a bit mad for SEGA GBA games recently as well. I've got Space Channel 5, Chu Chu Rocket, Super Monkey Ball Jr, Shining Soul and Virtua Tennis.

  5. I would recommend Mario Vs Donkey Kong for a really interesting puzzler. Also Metriod Fusion. I too am a big Sega follower but these two titles really stand up as classics. Cheers