Thursday, August 6, 2009

Attack of the Nomad Clones

"Begun, the Clone Wars have."

Back in June I evaluated the RetroGen, a portable Sega Genesis from INNEX. For those who have been following the release date, you'll note that July 25th has come and went and we have yet to see the release of the RetroGen. Was it canceled, or was it delayed? An answer came from the online retailer GamesBoro, who sent the following to pre-order customers:

Unfortunately due to events beyond my control the new systems listed above will be delayed until 08/14. I was informed by Innex today that this will be the absolute latest that they arrive so it is possible that they show up before then. If this is the case they will be shipped the same day they arrive on location to your homes/offices. I know this is sad news, as I do not want to be the one who has to tell anyone this, let alone new customers. I hope you will not think less of the company as we truely have no way of getting the systems faster. Our rep at Innex has stated that the Gamesboro order will be handled first, before anyone else. Again I apologize, and I hope you stay with us and see this through.

So while there has been a delay, thankfully it isn't for long. GamesBoro also supplied the RetroGen's sell sheet, which you can have a look at below.

Interestingly, the product looks to have lost the ability to utilize a memory stick. Unless that technology is planned to be implemented into a Genesis-like cartridge.

If one portable Genesis wasn't enough, another company known as Hyperkin has ALSO developed an officially sanctioned portable Genesis! Called the GenMobile, this Nomad clone had a screen .4" smaller than the RetroGen but includes 20 built-in games. A fair trade off if you ask me. While the button layout looks to be more vertical than I would think would be comfortable, I can't give them shit for it without trying it out myself. Bonus points to the GenMobile for (hopefully) having the Genesis logo slapped above the screen.

Which one do you prefer? Has the Nomad been beat?


  1. Which one are you getting? I got my pre-order on the RetroGen. I just like how the screen is bigger and how the D-Pad is designed.

  2. I haven't placed a pre-order yet, but if the reviews are good I'm looking to get the RetroGen. The larger screen is a necessity for text heavy RPGs.