Friday, August 21, 2009

Oy "Vay"! - SEGA CD RPG on the iPhone

How could I have missed this one?! Damn that Dreamcast and its obtrusive 10th anniversary (Forgive me, almighty Dreamcast!).

Well, the Dreamcast can't really be blamed, as this game hit the iPhone well before I owned one and began the Nomad Junkyard. Released to the Apple App Store on July 17th, 2008, Vay is an adaptation of the 1994 Sega CD game. I say adaptation as the game isn't a direct port. Menus use the iPhone interface, and battles feature updated sprites. Despite some updates, character and world graphics are retained as well are the animated cutscenes (oooh!).

Maps feature the original Sega CD graphics

While battles feature updated graphics

The developer, SoMoGa, lists the following features:
  • User selectable difficulty makes this title great for both beginners and RPG veterans
  • Compelling and engrossing story
  • Nearly ten minutes of animated cutscenes
  • Auto-save feature allows you to play in small increments
  • Over 100 enemies and a dozen challenging bosses
  • Over 90 expansive areas to explore
Sounds fun! I definitely will download this once I've completed Zenonia. Buy Vay from the App Store for $4.99.

Source: TouchArcade

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