Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sonic CD Hits the iOS and Android TODAY!

Waaaaaay way back in 2009 I talked about Christian Whitehead's fan made port of Sonic CD. Two and a half years ago I said, "Hopes are high for SEGA to move ahead with this advanced port, and if the final release is anything like what Whitehead has now, it would make for an awesome port". Here we are now years later, and we finally are getting what we wished for... and then some! The iOS release of Sonic CD, out today for $1.99, is beyond perfect. It implements Sonic 2-like physics, including the spin dash, it features BOTH soundtracks AND as an added bonus gives players the option to play as Tails. A hint at what to expect from Sonic 4 Episode 2?

Best of all, the app is universal and can be played on even the oldest of hardware. Any reader of this blog should know that I have a first gen iPod Touch. Why haven't I upgraded? Because aside from a handful of games that don't support my device, I can still listen to music, watch movies, surf the web and play a number of great games like Whitehead's Sonic CD. Why discard a device when you can do all that? Also, Gamestop won't buy it back because I engraved "Don't Panic" on the back of the thing. Screw them.

So if you have an iOS device, or own an Android device, a 360 or a PS3, download this game now!

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