Thursday, August 12, 2010

SEGA CD's Road Avenger coming to the iPhone

It's always great to see post-Genesis games get the portable treatment. Data East's SEGA CD game Road Avenger, known in Japan by its original name Road Blaster, is slated for a September release on the iPhone and iPad thanks to a remastering by the developers at Revolutionary Concepts. The game was one of many FMV games to hit the SEGA CD, and was also an arcade game and laserdisc game within Japan.

Like past FMV iPhone releases, Road Blaster looks to be better than the SEGA CD version by leaps and bounds. Revolutionary Concepts promises crystal clear visuals at 60FPS and implementation of tilt controls as well as many more tweaks. Check out the comparison below, thanks to the TouchArcade:

Original arcade release:

iPad release:


  1. Oh wow, I loved this game as a kid along side Time Gal, which would also be kinda cool on a iphone.

  2. I didn't have this one, though now I can't help but feel I was missing out.

    Let's just hope that they don't port Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective...

  3. This is just all types of awesome. Might have to get an Iphone now!