Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Phantasy Star II hits the iPhone!

One month ago SEGA brought iPhone and iPod Touch owners Shining Force. This Thursday the SEGA RPG love continues with the release of Phantasy Star II! For just $2.99 the classic game will be fully playable, running on the same emulator as previous games. However, unlike games that require precise controls and fail on SEGA's Genesis emulator (I'm looking at you, Sonic 2), Phantasy Star II is promised to be a smooth experience as the game itself does not require fast timing or a fast frame rate.

Here's hoping that we get more SEGA RPGs in the coming months!

[Source: TouchArcade]


  1. Hey Barry, can you update your links to my site in the SEGA Network bit? My main URL is www.segadriven.com and my RSS feed is http://sega.sonicstadium.org/feed/ Thanks man!

  2. Sure thing! I think I got it right. :) Cool idea, to link it up with TSS!

  3. I was in desperate need of hosting and I'm pretty friendly with the guys at TSS so they hooked me up! Simple as ;)

  4. Honestly I still go with the emulation of the game from Sega Genesis Collection for the PSP