Friday, September 10, 2010

iPod Gets Chu Chu Rocket and More!

At the rate that the iPod is getting SEGA classics, I should just rename this blog The iPod Junkyard! No no, I couldn't do that to the Nomad. I still love it dearly. However, just look at the lineup of games that SEGA revealed yesterday on 9/9: Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes and Chu Chu Rocket! What more, SEGA also teased that should fans want Shining Force 2 on the iPod, it's best they request it on their official Facebook page.

While Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes will probably be nothing more than emulated Genesis games, Chu Chu Rocket definitly will be an original creation for the iPod. Later that same day, SEGA revealed via twitter that Chu Chu Rocket will have all of the Dreamcast levels, multiplayer for up to 4 devices via Bluetooth/WiFi, and the iPad version will have 4 player multiplayer on same device. No word on other features, but I assume anything that was possibile on the Game Boy Advance version will also be on the iPod version.

So the mice are back! Hooray!

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