Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Still Blogging!

 Hi NJY readers! (I know I have some as Google Analyitics does not lie)

I hate to see a blog go a week, let along a month, without a post. So, I'm dropping a short post to let you all know that the Nomad Junkyard isn't forgotten, it's just that busy time of year. Aside from personal and professional things, I've been quite busy with Sega Memories, the Saturn and Dreamcast Junkyards as well as following E3 and the E3 aftermath. In an effort to pad out a post, here are a posts I've made at the other yards:

My Big Fat Sonic Comic Book Collection
More of my Sonic collection!
Happy 4th! Let's look at a pin!
SEGA might re-release Saturn games
Dreamcast E3 News Roundup

Coming up next: We take a look at SEGA's Tiger Pocket Arcade


  1. You blog more than anyone I know, so I wouldn't worry about it! :)

  2. Hello Barry

    Would you like to affiliate/link trade/partner with my site www.segadriven.com? I've been a big fan of your work at SEGA Memories and have been quietly following your work here and at The Dreamcast Junkyard for quite some time now.

    Interested? Let me know via email at hairymanlewis[at]hotmail.com