Thursday, May 13, 2010

Majesco's Game Gear gets some love

Thanks to the folks at GamesRadar, the Game Gear is getting some much deserved attention!

Specifically the Majesco Game Gear is being praised for its superior screen, control pad and battery life. What is the Majesco Game Gear, you may ask? Majesco is a US company that struck a deal with Sega to re-release their own model of a Game Gear in 2001. Unlike the Genesis 3, which Majesco also produced, their rendition of the Game Gear was almost a carbon copy in terms of body design. The only real aesthetic change was the Game Gear logo, which turned from the classic RGB (seen as this website's "favorites" icon) to plain white. The Majesco Game Gear is in fact my go-to model and was the first Game Gear I had owned. I'll admit, I was too busy playing the Nomad in the 90's to buy an original Game Gear. The Majesco model isn't perfect, however, as it lacks the ability to use the TV tuner and the official Sega Master Gear converter doesn't work. However, I have read that a third party Nuby produced Master System converter does work.

What are you waiting for? Check out the article here!


  1. This makes me want to buy one now! Thanks Nomad! lol

  2. The Master Gear converter does, in fact, work without a problem. There's nothing to screw it into, but the screw doesn't serve much purpose anyhow.

    1. Does it still suffer from the screen flicker issue when using the Converter?