Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Introducing the Sega Network

By now you may have noticed a little logo on the sidebar of most of the Junkyard blogs as well as at Sega Memories and SEGAbits. That little logo is for the Sega Network, a new convenient way for visitors of any of our fine blogs to click from one blog to another. It's like the "web ring" of old, but better because it's a "network". As a bonus, postings found at the Junkyards and at Memories will occasionally be seen at SEGAbits, a larger Sega community site that caters to all things new and current.

As mentioned, some Junkyards are not listed in the network yet but I'm working on contacting the others to hopefully get them on board. I'm talking about you Sega Master System Junkyard and Sega CD Junkyard!

In handheld Sega news, check out a write up from Gagaman about the Sega games found on Tiger's abysmal R-Zone. Read the article here, or better yet click the link to Sega Memories in the sidebar!


  1. are you accepting new sites to your network?

  2. Omg, I bugged my parents to buy me this for Christmas. My parents actually got 2 of them with virtual fighter. It was sooooooo bad. I tried to play it but it always made my eyes and head hurt. It was like a less-lethal virtual boy.