Friday, January 29, 2010

Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Released for the iPod!

As announced at the official Sega of America blog, Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games has released for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the new iPad! What makes this release exciting is that it's the first new Sonic game to be released on the iPod platform. The game is also the first mobile release for Sonic of the decade. Sonic's previous handheld release was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the DS in 2009. Sega of America's blog posting had this to say:

Sega is excited to announce the official release of Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for iPhone and iPod Touch. Featuring Sonic and friends (including Tails, Vector, Metal Sonic, Eggman, Knuckles and Shadow) this addictive game takes players on a journey to the slopes as they compete in some of the most challenging winter sports including curling, figure skating, snowboard cross, and skeleton.

There are 10 characters that are available: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Eggman, Vector, Blaze, Metal Sonic and Silver. There are 4 events in the game: snowboard cross, curling, skeleton and figure skating.

The single player allows you to compete for Olympic gold in a single event or across all events in circuit mode. In addition to fun single-player mode, the game also has 3 multiplayer modes — Pass & Play, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Once you’ve earned some rings by playing events, you can use them at the Village Store to unlock additional content to customize your experience.

Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is available NOW for iPhone and iPod Touch, and is on sale in the iTunes store for $4.99.

Expect a review next week and have a great weekend!

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