Friday, December 18, 2009

Sonic and NO Mario at the Olympic Winter Games on the iPhone

Sega has just revealed that the popular Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games will be hitting the iPhone, but there's a catch! It seems Sonic pulled a Tonya Harding and shattered Mario's kneecaps, causing him to sit this one out (Olympic reference, though the real Tonya Harding failed to take out her competition). The game will feature zero Mario, with the title simply being Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

The reason for the lack of Mario is, of course, because the iPhone is a direct competitor in the world of online gaming with the Nintendo DS. No worries, the game looks to be packed full of Sonic characters, ten are available with two of them locked, and four events are featured: curling, figure skating, snowboard cross and something called skeleton. Rings, chaos and old school animal friends are littered throughout the stadiums and the graphics seem on par with the DS release. Of course, this isn't the full game, but at the presumed $9.99 price tag it looks to be worth it.

The game hits early 2010.

By the way:

[source: TouchArcade]


  1. Darn, that looks really good, very close to the Wii versions graphics I'd say! Sega are getting serious about iPhone support it seems.

  2. Yeah! I was surprised by the graphics as well. And the snowboarding mechanics, while not looking perfect, have to be waaaaay better than Sonic '06's boarding segments. Seriously, it was like running on a flat surface. Want to ride uphill against gravity? Go ahead! :p

  3. Looks pretty cool, why in the world Sega wouldn't want to do the same for the PSP, PS3 and X360, I mean, who cares if Mario characters are not there?