Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free With Nomad: Shampoo Samples

Scouring the internet for Sega Nomad print ads, I came across this hilarious and interesting Toys"R"Us ad. From the page 71 snowman in the corner, I assume this is the huge Toys"R"Us toy bible, released just weeks after the Nomad's October 1995 debut. The ad mentions "Only Available At Toys"R"Us", though I swear the Nomad wasn't an exclusive to the store.

First off, reading "$249.99" nowadays makes me want to crap my pants. Is that REALLY how much the Nomad f*ckin' cost?? Reading the price on Wikipedia is one thing, but in the context of an ad really shows how expensive it was. On top of that, to push the Nomad, Toys"R"Us had to promise a gift basket of cereal, pizza and shampoo. The shampoo would come in handy, as you'd feel so unclean for dropping $250 on a bulky handheld that would eventually drop a hundred dollars within 6 months and then end up for $25 on ebay in ten years.

From what I can make out, the selling points to the left of the system are:
- Sega's hottest video game system (Technically true as it's a Genesis, but it's funny how they used this tricky technicality to make Nomad #1)
- 16-bits of incredible power
- Full stereo sound
- Clear full-colour screen (interesting note: they use the British spelling of color)
- Plays Sega Genesis game cartridges! (as opposed to Nomad game carts)
- Fully portable! Take it with you! (after paying for it, I would hope)

Also, where can I get this Genesis game titled Genesis?

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  1. I think that we have to look at those prices in the context of their time... A digital watch would have set you back $250 at one time...

    However, isn't it great that we can now get an Xbox 360 for less than that? And isn't it even greater that we can pick up our Sega console goodies for a mere pittance these days!!! :)